Angelica Mesa

Angelica is the founder of ТHΞ BΛГГΞ LΛB, a fitness consulting agency focusing on Barre for Spanish speakers throughout Latin America, Spain and the USA. After a successful career in the fashion industry, Angelica decided to follow her passion for fitness & wellness in order to make a positive impact in other's lives through exercise. She fell in love with Barre in NYC, but couldn't find the technique anywhere in her home country of Colombia therefore, she decided to commit to the goal of expanding Barre in Hispanic territories. Now she empowers studio owners and gyms by connecting them with premium quality Barre Instructor training and the most talented bilingual Master Trainers. Today ТHΞ BΛГГΞ LΛB offers Barre Instructor training conducted in Spanish and the first online Barre training program 100% in Spanish on the market, in partnership with Barre Intensity®.

Angelica's purpose is to make people feel supported, inspired, loved, safe and comfortable while working out in their own language. She believes that exercising should be a celebration of being alive rather than a detour based on vain results.

"The body appears to be self- motivated and independent, yet it actually responds only to the intentions of the mind" ACIM