Essentials Instructor Training


Essentials Instructor Training


This program is designed for currently trained barre instructors who want to learn the ins and outs of the Barre Intensity technique, without re-learning the basic barre exercises. 

Our eight hour Barre Intensity® Essentials instructor training programs includes: 

  • Barre Intensity Master Class 

  • Barre Intensity Principles

  • Alignment

    • The Spine

    • Hips & Shoulders

    • Rib Cage

    • Hip/Knee/Toe Relation

    • The Pelvis

  • Defining Intensity

    • Layer and build

    • Exercise grouping

    • Active transitions

  • Cueing

    • Set up & clarity cues

    • Alignment cues

    • Motivational cues (verbal and non verbal)

    • Modification cues

    • Cueing hierarchy

  • Lecture, partner teaching and class participation

Barre Intensity® Essentials instructor training has been approved for 8 AFAA CEUs and .7 ACE CECs.

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