Comprehensive Instructor Training & Workshop (Two Day)

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Comprehensive Instructor Training & Workshop (Two Day)

from 175.00

Our immersive Barre Intensity® instructor training program includes: 

  • Proper body alignment

  • Body positions

  • Structured class outline

  • Music and beat matching

  • Class choreography with variations and modifications

  • Intensity options for all exercises

  • Tips for smooth transitions and cueing techniques

  • Lecture, partner teaching and class participation

Barre Intensity® instructor training has been approved for 12 AFAA CEU's, 1.4 ACE CEC's and 14 ACSM CEC's. 

Our workshop is composed of three sections: 

  • Barre Intensity Master Class: Participate in a 55 minute Barre Intensity class taught by one of our Master Trainers. Experience the muscle burn and heart rate elevation that makes Barre Intensity intense.

  • Breaking down class choreography/transition and flow: This two hour workshop will break down the Master Class and cover off on the reasoning behind the choreography and further breakdown the transitions to aid in planning a truly seamless class. Handouts provided.

  • Creative choreography with the ball: This two hour workshop will review lower body and abdominal exercises to add a layer of intensity to a variety of standard barre class exercises. Handouts provided.

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