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Ready to become Barre Intensity certified and listed on our website as a certified instructor?

Based on your barre training experience you have two options to test out through us. Read on to see which option works best for you.

Full Length Class:

This option is available to all who have completed a Barre Intensity Comprehensive or Essentials Instructor Training.  

Record yourself teaching a full length (50 – 60 minute) Barre Intensity class to at least one participant and submit for our review.  Revisit pages 166 - 167 of your Comprehensive instructor manual or pages 54 - 55 of your Essentials instructor manual to view what you will be graded on. You can also CLICK HERE to download the test out form.  Benefit to taking this approach is direct feedback on your teaching from a Barre Intensity Master Trainer.  There are two feedback options for your instructor certification test out:

  • Standard: We will deliver a pass/try again status along with numerical scores for each of the eight categories.$45 fee is associated with this option.

  • Detailed: We will give all standard feedback as well as specific class guidance on choreography, transitions and cues. These constructive critiques will aid in bettering your barre teaching skills. $90 fee is associated with this option.

Barre Now is a great resource to make sure you're on track. We suggest studying THIS CLASS; in fact, you can teach this choreography as your test out submission.

Watch for an example of a full class test out.

Two Mini Assignments:

This option is available to all who have completed a Barre Intensity Essentials Instructor Training plus have additional barre training education whether it be the Barre Intensity Comprehensive course or training through another barre fitness education provider. If you are interested in this option but have only completed a Barre Intensity Comprehensive course, email us about a special discount to our Essentials program.  

Record yourself presenting two of the “Assignments” noted during the Essentials course. These two assignments are on pages 26 and 51 of the Essentials instructor manual and further explained HERE on the test out form. Each assignment video should be 3-6 minutes in length. Benefit to taking this option is you do not have to be teaching to a participant, studio space is not required and technology is easier to manage.

With option #2 you are required to provide some form of proof of your prior barre fitness training (other than the Barre Intensity Essentials course); even if this proof is your Barre Intensity Comprehensive certificate of completion.  

Watch for a test out example of Assignment 1: Layer and build with intense strength and intense cardio choreography.

Watch for an example of test out Assignment 2: Using the Cueing Hierarchy in an exercise series.

All videos will be reviewed within seven business days and feedback will be provided via email. Additional fee is required for those that are asked to submit again.

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