Barre training & certification topics covered

  • Five alignment principles for safety and function
  • Outlines & Principles: Barre Intensity Class Formula
  • Exercises with variations & modifications
  • Low impact intensity options for each exercise
  • Cuing for exercise execution, alignment & motivation
  • Importance of music: the backbone to each class
  • Tips for smooth transitions & class flow

The Barre Intensity Online Instructor Training & Certification is a comprehensive program to provide current and future barre instructors the tools they need to teach a well rounded barre class with safety, hard work and fun in mind.

Our program was designed to make YOU stand out from the rest. To teach a barre class relate-able to the general population; provide a workout that focuses on form, function, and strength; and give your class participants a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment after each and every class.

What’s even better? All Barre Intensity trainees receive our online barre anatomy workshop for free!

Throughout this 10 hour online anatomy workshop you’ll learn:
  • Basic Language of Anatomy
  • Introduction to the Connective Tissue System
  • Basic Body Mechanics and Muscle Function
  • Critical Musculoskeletal Structures
  • Our anatomy workshop offers 1 ACE CECs, 10 AFAA CEUs and 10 ACSM CECs

Video Testimonial

Shelbey loved the Barre Intensity Online Instructor Training because of all the support she received. As a participant in multiple barre training programs, Shelbey says Barre Intensity was hands down the best. Shelbey utilizes the instructor training manual almost daily and refers to the Barre Now support videos to keep her classes unique and full of variety.


What’s Included with your barre training & certification


170 page detailed instructor manual delivered directly to you


58 professionally recorded barre training video modules


10 hours of barre training content PLUS 10 hours of anatomy


Continuing education credits through ACE, AFAA & ACSM


FREE post training video support on all the barre instructor essentials


Unlimited Q&A via email and commenting tool


I’ve taken many online courses and without a doubt, this is the best one I’ve taken!
— Suzi (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Post Barre Training & Certification Support

Through the help of our online video resource, Barre Now, we’re able to offer all Barre Intensity trainees FREE post barre training support covering: anatomy, alignment, transitions, exercise refinement and even full classes. These video resources reinforce the information learned during the Barre Intensity barre online training & certification and better prepare you to teach your first, or next, barre class.

  • Anatomy: 10 hours of barre anatomy content covering basic terminolgy, connective tissue, muscle function and musculoskeletal structures
  • Alignment: Over 20 minutes of clips covering our most fundamential postions of the body
  • Transitions Over 1 hour of videos showcasing our five most successful choreography transition tactics
  • Exercise Refinement 20 clips on how to refine the exercises learned during your barre training & certification
  • Full Classes Three FULL Barre Intensity classes including PDF of the choreography, short choreography overview video and link to the playlist on Spotify

All of this for only $395 USD!


Video Testimonial

Erika, barre instructor at REVive studio in Virginia, was happy she chose the Barre Intensity Online Instructor Training & Certification program because she was able squeeze her education into her busy schedule of working and side jobs. Erika appreciated the resources available and ease of working with our team. Erika said she would recommend the program to anyone she knows interested in becoming a barre instructor.


Online Barre Training FAQs

Costs + prerequisites

  • Are there any prerequisites prior to participating?

    • No, anyone can participate in our barre training & certification. Those who have a background in dance, Pilates, yoga, or group fitness instruction will have an easier time fully comprehending the information during the training but the manual is created in such a way that all material reviewed during the training can be revisited afterwards.

  • How much does the online barre training cost?

    • Our online barre training & certification program is $395 USD. This includes manual printing and shipping costs.

  • Are than any hidden fees outside of the barre training cost such as a licensing fee?

    • No licensing fees, no required monthly fees, no re-certification fees. The fee you pay at the time of registration covers your training and instructor manual. If you chose to submit your test out video there is a $45 processing fee. Our continued support site, Barre Now, is a subscription based site with varying price options. Barre Now is an optional tool located at

After My Training

  • What are the recommended practice hours post training?

    • Following completion of the online barre training & certification an average of 30 practice hours are recommended. This number is just an average and while some require less hours, some require more. It is suggested the 30 hours be broken down in to 10 hours of participation (taking Barre Intensity or similar style classes), 10 hours of observation (watching a class in action and actively taking notes) and 10 hours or practice teaching.

  • I don’t have Barre Intensity classes offered in my area. How do I complete my practice hour requirements?

    • We encourage you to utilize our online video support tool, Barre Now, to fulfill your practice needs. Barre Now is home to full 55 minute Barre Intensity classes taught by certified instructors. Each class is accompanied with written choreography and link to the playlist on Spotify. Take advantage of our 7 day free trial, individual video rental, or monthly subscription options.

  • How long will it take me to become a barre instructor?

    • This depends on your prior fitness/dance experience and time available to practice. On average we suggest giving yourself 2 months from the instructor training date to when you plan on teaching or auditioning. Some trainees need only a couple weeks while others require 3-6 months.

  • Where can I teach the Barre Intensity technique?

    • Anywhere! Ideally the facility has access to a ballet barre but we do not place restrictions on where or what you teach.

Ongoing support

  • Is there free ongoing barre certification support and education provided after the training?

    • We will support you throughout your training and forever after. All trainees will gain access to our Trainee Facebook group which is a fantastic place to receive support not just from Barre Intensity Master Trainers, but past trainees as well. You’re also welcome to email us anytime. In addition, trainees receive FREE access to educational clips on the Barre Now by Barre Intensity platform. Educational barre training clips cover anatomy, alignment principles, transitions & flow, class clips broken down by each section of the Barre Intensity class and full 55 minute Barre Intensity classes.

  • I’m concerned I won’t be able to come up with class choreography, do you help with that?

    • We do! Barre Intensity instructors have the opportunity to choreograph their own classes or use what is available on Barre Now. As a member, you’ll receive access to over 80 55-minute classes complete with 20-minute choreography previews, downloadable PDFs and playlists to go with each class. New classes are loaded every three weeks! Watch the choreography, study the choreography and teach the choreography. Memberships range from $9.99/month or $89.99 for the year. First seven days are free and you can cancel at anytime.

  • Do you provide any other continuing education?

    • Yes! Also available on Barre Now are workshops. These workshops include Barre Anatomy, Loop Band Choreography, Ball Choreography and Core Connections. Prices vary and are separate from the monthly Barre Now membership pricing.

Certification & CECs

  • What continuing education credits do I receive?

    • Once you have successfully completed the Barre Intensity Online Instructor training you will receive a certificate which provides you with: 12 AFAA CEU's, 1.4 ACE CEC's and 14 ACSM CEC's.

    • Once you have successfully completed the online Barre Anatomy Workshop (included in your purchase but optional to complete) you will receive a certificate which provides you with: 10 AFAA CEU's, 1.0 ACE CEC's and 10 ACSM CEC's.

  • How long do I have access to the barre training & certification program?

    • You have 13 weeks (approximately 3 months) from the time of purchase to access your online barre training & certification material. If more time is needed, simply send an email requesting more time.

  • What is the difference between Barre Intensity trained vs Barre Intensity certified?

    • All those that complete the Barre Intensity Online Instructor Training & Certification will receive a Certificate of Completion via email and be recognized as being Barre Intensity trained. Once the Certificate of Completion is received the trainee is able to begin teaching the Barre Intensity technique using the Barre Intensity name assuming proper practice hours have been conducted. Those that submit a video test out and receive a passing score will then be Barre Intensity certified receiving a second certificate and being listed on our website as a certified instructor.

  • How do I become certified by Barre Intensity?

    • Barre Intensity certified status is provided to those who have completed the online instructor training & certification AND received a passing score on their video test out. Video test out includes recording yourself teaching a 50-60 minute Barre Intensity class to at least one person and submitting the video link along with the associated $45 fee on. Those that receive a passing score will be certified in Barre Intensity and listed on our website as a certified instructor.

  • Are there requirements to maintain my barre trained or certified status?

    • No. We trust that as fitness professionals you are either part of another organization that has continuing education requirements, that you personally believe in the importance of continuing education enough to participate in opportunities, or that you work for a facility that has their own continuing education requirements. Because of this, Barre Intensity does not have our own set of requirements or fees for maintaining your certified status.


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