Barre Certification: Post Training Support

Now that you've completed our barre training workshop, you have a beautiful manual, a head full of great information and a look at what makes us Barre Intensity, but how do you apply these great tools to your next class?

Through the help of our online video resource, Barre Now, we’re able to offer all Barre Intensity trainees FREE post barre training support covering: alignment, transitions, exercise refinement and even full classes. These video resources reinforce the information learned during the Barre Intensity barre certification weekend training and better prepare you to teach your first, or next, barre class.

Read on for details then join us for an upcoming barre instructor certification: we have live and online learning options.

Barre Certification Benefit #1



One of the first tools you’ll find in your post barre training toolbox is our Anatomy Workshop. This online workshop is a combination of recorded footage from a live workshop and web recorded series. In total, 10 hours of learning broken down into 25 video chapters. By participating in this online workshop, you will broaden your understanding of anatomy and movement, and how they pertain to teaching a safe and effective barre fitness class. This will cover:

  1. Basic Language of Anatomy

  2. Introduction to the Connective Tissue System

  3. Basic Body Mechanics and Muscle Function

  4. Critical Musculoskeletal Structures

  5. Upon completion of the online exam you will receive 10 AFAA CEUs, 1 ACE CEC, and 10 ACSM CECs.

Barre Certification Benefit #2

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Next to our Anatomy Workshop, you’ll find in your post barre training toolbox is all things alignment. Although we cover these alignment principles in detail during our barre instructor training (pages 8-14 of our instructor manual); we find it important enough to review again, and again and again. We have over 20 minutes of clips covering some of the most fundamental positions of the body during a Barre Intensity class which cover:

  1. Alignment: The Spine

  2. Alignment: Hip & Shoulder

  3. Alignment: Rib Cage

  4. Alignment: Hip, Knee, Toe Relation

  5. Alignment: Plank

Barre Certification Benefit #3

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This section not only includes three transitions & flow clips, but a FREE online Choreography Transition Tactics workshop as well!

Transitions & Flow clips (as covered on pages 159 & 160 of the instructor manual):

  1. Transitions & Flow: Warm-Up

  2. Transitions & Flow: Upper Body

  3. Transitions & Flow: Lower Body

Choreography Transition Tactics Workshop:

Here we share our five most successful choreography transition tactics to get you seamlessly moving from one piece of choreography to the next. Working with thousands of barre instructors and trainees across the world, one of the biggest pieces of feedback we share is "work on your transitions". We realize "working on transitions" is a lot easier said than done which is why we created this workshop that describes in detail our five most successful choreography transition tactics.

Five Choreography Transition Tactics Covered:

  1. Pull Apart/Piece Together

  2. Start Off Slow

  3. Use a Filler

  4. Sandwich Your Moves

  5. End Where You Want To Go

Barre Certification Benefit #4

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Exercise Refinement

In addition to clips about alignment and transitions, we provide over 18 free clips on how to refine those Barre Intensity exercises learned throughout your barre training weekend. These tools are to help you piece exercises together, describe, and even cue them. You can search for these exercise refinement clips inside your Barre Now account as “The Workout”. They include:

  1. The Warm-Up

  2. Upper Body

  3. Plank

  4. Thighs

  5. Glute & Hamstrings

  6. Abdominals

  7. Stretch

Barre Certification Benefit #5

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Last, but surely not least we offer three, free, FULL classes to place into your post barre training toolbox. The first of those three include a Sample Class found in the back of your barre training manual (pages 162-164). This class is a choreography review vs a full 55-minute class. It can be found by searching for The Workout: Full Class on Barre Now.

You’ll also find two full length 55-minute classes which includes the basic Barre Intensity exercises. They can be found by searching for 9/22/16: Master Class and 4/24/18: STEPHANIE. These classes also come with downloadable PDFs with class choreography and a playlists specific to the workout. All of this for FREE to help you become a great barre instructor.

As a group fitness instructor of many exercise formats, I just wasn’t sure I’d be able to become the next barre instructor anytime soon. Through the help of Barre Now and all of the post-training support, I was able to accelerate my barre teaching and successfully teach my first class in weeks vs. months.
— Maria Scafide (Barre Intensity Master Trainer)

Looking for more barre instructor support? Become a Barre Now monthly member. As a member, you’ll receive access to over 80 55-minute classes complete with 20-minute choreography previews, downloadable PDFs and playlists to go with each class. New classes are loaded each month! Visit Barre Now today to access all of these tools and take yourself closer to becoming a barre instructor and not just a barre trainee.