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What is the difference between Barre Intensity’s instructor technique and other barre instructor training programs?

Our technique not only focusses on small isolated movements to burn and fatigue the muscles, but also large range of motion to elevate the heart rate. Although our technique incorporates elements of dance, we shy away from using ballet terminology and stick to words the general public can understand. Read further about our workout at

Are there any prerequisites prior to attending a barre training?

No, anyone can attend one of our barre trainings regardless of their background. Those who have a background in dance, Pilates, yoga, or group fitness instruction will have an easier time fully comprehending the information during the training but the manual is created in such a way that all material reviewed during the training can be revisited afterwards.

Should I have an understanding of barre, and more specifically Barre Intensity, prior to attending an instructor training?

Yes, absolutely! We not only want to make sure you have participated in a barre class before but we also want to ensure you understand at a high level the Barre Intensity technique. You can read more about our technique in the workout section at or watch videos on Barre Now at

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What is the difference between a One Day and Two Day barre training?

Both One Day and Two Day instructor trainings cover each page of the Instructor Training Manual. So while the material reviewed is the same, differences include:

  • Hours: One Day trainings are 10 hours in length and Two Day trainings are 14.
  • Price: One Day trainings are $349/participant and Two Day trainings are $449/participant.
  • Continuing Education Credits: Two Day trainings provide a higher number of continuing education credits than a One Day.
  • Two Day: 12 AFAA CEU's, 1.4 ACE CEC's, 1.3 NASM CEU’s and 14 ACSM CEC's.
  • One Day: 9 AFAA CEU's, 1 ACE CEC's, .9 NASM CEU’s and 10 ACSM CEC's.
  • Master Class: There is a Master Class held each day thus one additional Master Class conducted during a Two Day training.
  • Partner Teaching: While partner teaching is used as a form of instruction in both training selections, there is more opportunity for practice partner teaching in a Two Day training.

How much is the training?

Our One Day trainings are $349 and our Two Day trainings are $449. We also have our Instructor Training & Certification program online for $395. The required instructor manual is included.

What is the difference between Barre Intensity trained vs Barre Intensity certified?

All those that complete the Barre Intensity Instructor Training whether in person or online will receive a Certificate of Completion and be recognized as being Barre Intensity trained. Once the Certificate of Completion is received the trainee is able to begin teaching the Barre Intensity technique using the Barre Intensity name assuming proper practice hours, practice hours discussed in answer below, have been conducted. Those that submit a video test out at and receive a passing score will then be Barre Intensity certified receiving a second certificate and being listed on our website as a certified instructor at

How do I become certified by Barre Intensity?

Barre Intensity certified status is provided to those who have completed a live or online instructor training ( and received a passing score on their video test out ( Following an instructor training an average of 30 practice hours are recommended. This number is just an average and while some require less hours, some require more. It is suggested the 30 hours be broken down in to 10 hours of participation (taking Barre Intensity or similar style classes), 10 hours of observation (watching a class in action and actively taking notes) and 10 hours or practice teaching. Once ready, record yourself teaching a 50-60 minute Barre Intensity class to at least one person and submit the video link along with the associated $45 fee on Those that receive a passing score will be certified in Barre Intensity.

I don’t have Barre Intensity classes offered in my area. How do I complete my practice hour requirements?

We encourage you to utilize our online video support tool, Barre Now, to fulfill your practice needs. Barre Now is home to full 55 minute Barre Intensity classes taught by certified instructors. Each class is accompanied with written choreography and link to the playlist on Spotify. Take advantage of our 7 day free trial, individual video rental, or monthly subscription options. Visit Barre Now at

How long after the barre training do I have to submit my test out video?

You have 12 months from your scheduled training date to submit your test out video. If more than 12 months have passed you may be required to participate in Barre Intensity specific workshop at your expense.

Is there ongoing barre certification support and education provided after the training?

We will support you throughout your training and forever after. All trainees will receive FREE access to educational clips on the Barre Now by Barre Intensity platform (

Educational video clips cover:

  • Alignment principles
  • Transition & flow
  • Full sample class
  • Class clips broken down by each section of the Barre Intensity Class Outline.

Those that take it one step further and become members to the Barre Now platform will receive video access to full 55-minute Barre Intensity® classes. Each class is accompanied by a condensed choreography overview video, written downloadable choreography and associated playlist. For more details on our post training support visit (

Are there requirements to maintain my barre certified status?

No. We trust that as fitness professionals you are either part of another organization that has continuing education requirements, that you personally believe in the importance of continuing education enough to participate in opportunities, or that you work for a facility that has their own continuing education requirements. Because of this, Barre Intensity does not have our own set of requirements or fees for maintaining your certified status.

Are than any hidden fees outside of the barre training cost such as a licensing fee?

No licensing fees, no required monthly fees, no re-certification fees. The fee you pay at the time of registration covers your training and instructor manual. If you chose to submit your test out video there is a $45 processing fee. Our continued support site, Barre Now, is a subscription based site with varying price options. Barre Now is an optional tool located at

Where can I teach the Barre Intensity technique?

Anywhere! Ideally the facility has access to a ballet barre but we do not place restrictions on where or what you teach.

What continuing education credits do I receive?

We are a continuing education provider through ACE, AFAA, ACSM and NASM.

  • Two Day: 12 AFAA CEU's, 1.4 ACE CEC's, 1.3 NASM CEU’s and 14 ACSM CEC's.
  • One Day: 9 AFAA CEU's, 1 ACE CEC's, .9 NASM CEU’s and 10 ACSM CEC's.

I signed up for a barre training but I can no longer make it. Do I get a refund?

We provide a full refund with more than two weeks’ notice from the scheduled training. If canceling within a two-week window of the scheduled training a refund will not be provided.You may however attend another training of lesser or equal value taking place in the next 12 months.

What are the requirements to bring the Barre Intensity training to my home facility?

All our requirements are listed on our Host A Training page. If you are interested in hosting or have additional questions pertaining to hosting get in touch with us at

How long will it take me to become a barre instructor?

This depends on your prior fitness/dance experience and time available to practice. On average we suggest giving yourself 2 months from the instructor training date to when you plan on teaching or auditioning. Some trainees need only 1 month while others require 3-6.