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Ready to submit your test out video and become Barre Intensity certified? Remember, your video must capture a full 50 - 60 minute Barre Intensity class taught to at least one person. Re-review pages 166 - 167 of your Instructor Training Manual to ensure you are covering off on all graded areas. Be sure you can be clearly seen and heard. All videos will be reviewed within seven business days and feedback will be provided via email.

Additional fee is required for those that are asked to submit again.  Barre Now is a great resource to make sure you're on track. In particular, we suggest studying THIS CLASS

In order to test out and become Barre Intensity Certified you must have completed our instructor training program whether it was in person or online


from 45.00

There are two feedback options for your instructor certification test out: 

  1. Standard: We will deliver a pass/try again status along with numerical scores for each of the eight categories.
  2. Detailed: We will give all standard feedback as well as specific class guidance on choreography, transitions and cues. These constructive critiques will aid in bettering your barre teaching skills. 

Submit your information and then proceed to check out.

Feedback Option:
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