Why a Weekend Barre Certification Is Enough

Recently I read an article in The Huffington Post “Is Your Barre Class A Fake? Why It Matters and How To Tell”. The article addresses a handful of items, one of them being why a weekend of barre training isn’t enough. I’m here to tell you differently. 

The Barre Intensity barre instructor training consist of either a Two Day, 14 hour, or One Day, 10 hour, session. This is far from the 100 hour barre specific training course others in the industry recommend. As a fitness educator I cannot disagree with the fact that more time in a quality training is better than less – so why am I OK with conducting a weekend barre certification?   


A Pilates certification is not a barre certification, but the body alignment principals learned in Pilates is an incredible base for the foundations of teaching a safe and effective barre class.

A dancer, while possibly never having barre fitness experience, brings with them great understanding of musicality (crucial to teaching barre), an ability to demonstrate the moves with grace and a creative mind.

A personal trainer has the skills to motivate and an understanding of how to specifically work each muscle in the body.

A skilled yoga instructor knows how to incorporate the mind/body connection to tap in to the deep intrinsic muscles of the body.

Are you seeing what I’m getting at? Most people that come to a weekend barre training have experience in other genres of fitness that are extremely valuable to the skills that make for a well-rounded barre instructor. 


In a weekend Barre Intensity barre instructor training, we cover important body alignment principles for the general population. Women who are pregnant or those who are injured or are recovering from an injury should consult with a doctor or work with a physical therapist/fitness specialist prior to coming to a barre group fitness class. These are professionals with well over 100 hours of specialized training that should be providing the necessary guidance. 


In our weekend barre training, we lay the groundwork and teach the tools necessary, that when applied, will set barre instructors up for success. No one trainee leaves our training with a certification in hand. It is the hours of practice, some need more and some need less, after their time with us is up that take a person from knowing the information to being able to apply it to a room full of people with proper execution. 

Additionally, we offer over 35 hours of training videos in our Barre Now subscription site. 

4. Training Time is Never Done

In all that we do we should never stop learning. 14 hours, 100 hours, 1,000 hours is never “enough”. Because with each class taught, each class attended, each workshop participated in, each online video watched, we become better – or at least we should. I was a good barre instructor 8 years ago, I’m an even better instructor now, and I’ll be better than I am today 1 year from now.

If you’re interested in becoming a barre instructor do your homework.  Find a barre certification program that will lay the necessary groundwork and provide you with the tools to succeed. Feel confident in knowing that a weekend training is enough provided you have the self-discipline to practice and desire to always better yourself.