Barre Certification Online - Trainee Testimonials

We might be biased, but the Barre Intensity Online Instructor Training program is one of the best online certifications in the industry. While we wish our word was enough, sometimes you just have to hear it from trainees around the country, and Canada, to help formulate your decision. See what our trainees have to say about the Barre Intensity Online Certification. 

Suzi Headshot.jpg

I’ve taken many online courses and without a doubt, this is the best one I’ve taken.

I’ve never been sent a manual (and certainly didn’t expect such a beautiful full-colour one), and normally the video portions of the course are videos taken of a live course so the trainers are talking to a room full of people, and not you. The Barre Intensity videos were recorded specifically for this course. The trainers speak directly into the camera and when demoing videos are doing so at the angle that will best display the exercise to those at home that they are training.

- Suzi, Nova Scotia Canada

blaire sierra.jpg

I LOVED the online training!

I found that throughout the videos my questions were being answered and broken down very well so that when it came time to outline my first class I was FULLY prepared! I was also able to answer questions about the body after class, now that was pretty awesome for me to be able to help relieve pain for others so that they too could enjoy a class! For reference I think it is cool that I can continuously go back to my book and reassure my choreography just by reading the text and following along with the movements and still NEVER have the same class twice!!!! Ladies don't second guess yourself, you'll never know until you try it!! I promise you will not regret it!

-Blaire, MS

Amy Honey Headshot.jpg

The Barre Intensity online training was fantastic.

The manual and videos were both so clearly presented and worked extremely well together. For me, being able to go at my own pace definitely helped me digest all the material. I also went back and reviewed certain parts again as I began to craft my classes. Now that I'm comfortable with the basics I am absolutely loving my subscription to Barre Now and all the access to full online classes.....watching those examples inspires me constantly with new choreography. Thank you!
I'm enjoying teaching Barre Intensity and getting great client feedback too!

-Amy, CO


I was extremely impressed with the Barre Intensity online training course!

The videos and manual are thorough, clear, and engaging. I am a yoga teacher and own a yoga and barre studio in the New York area, so I wanted to become certified to teach barre fitness to teach it when necessary and to also be more knowledgeable for the benefit of my clients. I love Barre Intensity's upbeat, energetic format, its emphasis on proper alignment, and the room it allows for teacher creativity with choreography and music. I am grateful for the continuing education that Barre Intensity provides and appreciate that Stephanie is available to respond to questions so promptly. Thank you so much - I look forward to teaching and to continuing my education!

-Jocelyn, NY

Susan Headshot.jpg

I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed the Barre Intensity online training

I have been teaching barre for several years under another barre certification program. Barre Intensity is very thorough and provides lots of options to create a class that can be different every time. I also love the class videos available on Barre Now for inspiration and motivation. I've been a fitness instructor for 20 years and I have taken a ton of trainings. This one is great.

- Susan, NJ