Finding Your Inner Core - Barre Certification Online Workshop

We love fitness education, in particular topics that pertain to barre, and sharing our knowledge with instructors all across the world. It's truly the continued education pieces that make our barre training and certification program so valuable.  One of our most recent educational pieces focuses on the core. We mean the ENTIRE CORE- your inner core, back, glutes, scapular musculature, and the brain-body connection. Now if you've been in the fitness industry for years you're probably thinking "I already know how to connect my clients to their core" but do you really? Here we break down the five segments of our Core Connections Online Workshop and share a few sneak peak clips of the content. 

1. Inner Core

Think of this section as your abdominals. Learning about the Diaphragm, Rectus Abdominis, Obliques, Transversus Abdominus, Pelvic Floor, and every woman's favorite, Diastasis Recti. Here's our favorite part, experiencing how to use your INNER CORE, your STABILIZING muscles, through movement. Taking something as simple as an abdominal crunch and making it that much more effective by turning on the inner core. It's a complete game changer for the exercise. Check out a clip of it below. 

2. Core Stabilization 

This is all about the spine and STABILIZING it in a neutral position throughout movement. Through stabilization we focus on core stability, which we need to protect our body, instead of the core strengthening we often do when working out. Through core stability exercises we have the ability to strengthen our inner core muscles, our postural muscles, the muscles that should/need to work for us all day long. 

3. Get More Out Of Your Glutes

Is it possible to do "glute exercises" without ever firing up the intended muscles? Yes. A part of our job as fitness instructors is to teach our clients where they should be FEELING the exercise, taking it one step further, what muscles should be firing FIRST.  Tight and overworked hip flexors along with a spine that is not stable can lead to a lack of glute engagement. In our Core Connections workshop we'll help you tackle those common exercise mistakes our clients so often do. 

4. Scapular Strengthening 

In fitness, barre being no exception, we use our shoulders often. If our shoulders are unstable, our exercise regimen and health can be compromised by pain and weakness. The shoulder is a highly mobile joint that allows for a variety of different movements, and because of this, we've set up this section to discuss the surrounding muscles and how to exercise them properly to support this fragile joint. 

5. Posture & Proper Form

Posture is what we take with us outside of physical activity. Posture is everyday life and movement. What we do 90% of our days. This is our long term solution to imbalances in the body. Sitting posture, standing posture, kneeling posture, we've got you covered. 

Ready to get your learn on?