The Deeper Benefits of a Barre Certification

As Master Trainers, we conduct our barre certification weekends with the hopes that the information we've shared is practiced and applied by our trainees. Some trainees never end up teaching, some teach because it's their job, and others are so moved by the Barre Intensity barre instructor training program it ends up changing their lives for the better. This is the testimonial of Adrienne, a Barre Intensity trainee from Nebraska who set goals and attained them.  

As an adult, I feel goals are so different from when I was younger. It took almost a year to gain my confidence to test out as a Barre Intensity certified instructor. I came from a cardio dance background (but I’m not a dancer) and my manager pushed me to try to teach barre since I loved taking it so much. I have an autoimmune arthritis that affects my joints and we have been preparing for when cardio dance becomes too much. I have found so much peace and comfort in BARRE INTENSITY giving me the cardio and intensity I crave while still being kind to my joints and strengthening my muscles to support my joints. It’s made a significant impact on my life. All around WIN!

The training was spectacular! I’m a registered nurse in my real life and appreciate how much you care about anatomy and position to keep participants safe. I’m honored to be part of the BARRE INTENSITY family. I love how you provide resources, music and written choreography and really care about your instructors’ success and growth.

My classes appreciate the instructions/cues that are non-ballet. I usually have anywhere from 20-40 participants; they love the intensity. I even have a few males that come regularly because they’re challenged by the format.

This test out made me feel confident that I’m on the right track. I can’t thank Barre Intensity enough.

We applaud you Adrienne for all your hard work. If you're interested in joining the Barre Intensity family, check out our Training Schedule or Train at Home with our Online Barre Certification program.