Getting to Know Your Barre Instructor - Celeste Garcia

Not only is Celeste a fabulous barre instructor, she currently manages the role of International Master Trainer for Barre Intensity. Her work on educating others in Barre Intensity and movement has brought her to the countries of Panama, Indonesia and Colombia.  If you've had the pleasure of attending a barre certification with Celeste or participating in one of her barre classes, you know mind, body and spirit is at the core of who she is. Spend some time getting to know Celeste as she answers a few of our fitness questions. 

What is your background in the fitness industry?

I started dancing ballet at the age of 10 and was a professional dancer until my mid-20's. During that time I decided to become a personal trainer and start teaching dance/fitness classes at any gym that would hire me. I knew immediately that I would somehow transition into being in the fitness field full time at some point in my life.

View Celeste's Barre Intensity class on  Barre Now

View Celeste's Barre Intensity class on Barre Now

What is your favorite part about being a Barre Intensity Master Trainer?

Bringing forth a new way of thinking about movement, inspiration or anatomy to so many passionate women around the world each and every barre certification I conduct. I love it when we (either a trainee, I or both) have those 'aha' moments where we learn and discover new concepts/ideas that take our classroom experience to the next level.

Do you get nervous before conducting a barre instructor training weekend? 

Yes I do! Every single time! It's a mixture of nerves, excitement and wanting to make each training better than the last. I want every woman to leave feeling satisfied, inspired and shifted in a positive way in order for them to take it all back to their community.

If you could become a "Master" at another type of fitness or mind body discipline, what would it be?

I would have to say Yoga. I really love meditation, mind-body workouts and stretching. I see yoga as a way to combine all these in one clear format. I can't say I take enough class to consider myself a yogi but perhaps this upcoming project in Asia will expose me to some much-needed 'yoga-time'.

Where do you pull your fitness inspiration from? 

Believe it or not, nature! I've noticed a huge difference in my inspiration & choreography when I am close to nature or open spaces. While living in NYC, (given the lack of nature) I would spend a lot of time around other Master Trainers or different exercise formats, in order to continue learning and being inspired.