Inside Look - Barre Anatomy Workshop

Understanding anatomy, how the body moves and why, is a crucial part of teaching any form of movement. When it comes to physical form, we draw clear and powerful instruction from our understanding of the body and its function.  The Barre Intensity Online Anatomy Workshop was created with the fitness instructor in mind. Below is a glimpse in what we cover during this 10 hour barre online workshop. 

Basic Language of Anatomy 

Anatomical position, body orientation and direction, planes of motion, and movement terminology are covered in this opening section of the workshop. 

Connective Tissue and Key Structures 

This section is dedicated in majority to fascia. Discover facia's critical properties, how it impacts movement and strength, and what to do to get your clients "un stuck" and ready for optimal work. 

Muscle & Joint Function

Understand how muscles work and how to optimize their function in conjunction with surrounding connective tissue, joint function and bony rhythms. 

Exercise Dissection

We break down common barre exercises to immediately relate new anatomy knowledge learned. Understand the muscles targeted for each exercise along with cueing and further refinement tips. 

If all that wonderful new knowledge isn't enough, upon completion of the online anatomy exam you'll receive 10 AFAA CEUs, 1 ACE CEC and 10 ACSM CECs.