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With each Barre Intensity Instructor Training we conduct, we meet trainees from all across the country, even the world. Some trainees are instructors searching for a new fitness technique to teach, a few are students looking to better their practice and others are studio owners with the desire to bring barre fitness to their community.  Sandi Anderson, Founder of The Yoga Barre, is a mix of all three: student, instructor and owner. We couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments and that's why we wanted to hear more about her journey in this edition of Barre Studio Spotlight. 

What led you down the path of becoming a studio owner?

I never set out on the path to become a teacher or studio owner.  As cliché as it may sound, the path to becoming a teacher and the Founder of The Yoga Barre really did find me.  Fitness has been a lifestyle for me for quite some time, and I love discovering different forms of fitness practices.    

I began practicing yoga seven years ago.  I loved it from the very beginning and wanted to do everything I could to learn more.  I decided to go through 200 hour teacher training simply to learn more about the practice of yoga and had no intention of ever actually teaching.  However, as I progressed through training, it became apparent I wanted to share my knowledge with others about the amazing practice of yoga. 

Sandi Studio Room.JPEG

Sandi anderson

"The path to becoming a teacher and Founder of The Yoga Barre really did find me"

What brought you to barre fitness?

After a few years of teaching yoga, I felt I needed some diversity in my fitness routine. I discovered barre, but there were no barre class offerings in Gulfport, Mississippi at the time so I began studying various methods on my own.  Whenever I traveled, I searched for barre classes and took as many as I could possibly take.   Through my research, I discovered Barre Intensity and their barre certification program, and the method really resonated with me.   It was exactly what I was looking for.   It was a challenging, full body workout that emphasized the mind-body connection, and it was fun!   With my passion for vinyasa yoga and newfound passion of Barre Intensity, I had a desire to share the amazing benefits of both practices with others.  I felt it was time to bring these two practices together in Gulfport, Mississippi at The Yoga Barre.

You offer the Barre Intensity technique. What has the client feedback been? 

Our clients LOVE Barre Intensity!   They are absolutely amazed by how challenging the Barre Intensity method is, how sore they are after the workout; and, most importantly, how much fun they have in a group class atmosphere.   

"It is so important to do what you love. If you have a passion for something, don't be afraid to share it with others"

Is being a barre instructor what you envisioned prior to the start of your barre certification?

For the past five years, teaching vinyasa flow yoga has been my passion.  The atmosphere of a yoga class and a Barre Intensity class are very different.  I love the energy that Barre Intensity calls for; but, honestly, I was not sure how well I would adapt to teaching a higher energy format to students.  Immediately after teaching my first Barre Intensity class, those concerns vanished, and I knew I had found my other teaching passion.  I look forward to every Barre Intensity class I teach because of the fun and uplifting atmosphere of the class and the lively interaction with my students!

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"I look forward to every Barre Intensity class I teach because of the fun and uplifting atmosphere of the class and the lively interaction with my students"

What should clients expect entering your studio?

Having experience in and out of different types of gyms and studios, I quickly learned that some environments are more comfortable and more inviting than others.  I understand that it is absolutely necessary for a student to feel comfortable and welcomed in order to consistently come to classes.   I want every student that comes to The Yoga Barre to have a wonderful experience and never feel intimidated, self-conscious or under experienced.   I feel that new clients should expect to enter an inviting, safe and relaxing studio greeted by motivated and friendly instructors who have a true desire to help them make the mind-body connection in hopes that they will find more balance and better health in their lives.

"Expect to enter an inviting, safe and relaxing studio greeted by motivated and friendly instructors"

If you're in the Gulfport, MS area be sure to visit Sandi and team at The Yoga Barre