Barre Training Tips: Verbal Transition Tactics

In our Barre Intensity Instructor Training & Certification weekends, many of our barre trainees express: "I don't know how to organize my thoughts.", “I don’t know what to say for a transition.” and ask “What's the most important?”. We'd like to give you five barre training tips to help you strengthen those verbal transitions.

In no particular order here is what we like to teach in our Barre Intensity Instructor Training & Certification weekends.

Barre Training Tactic 1: Advertise 

Give a brief explanation or preview of your next move while still doing your current one. For example, if you are teaching a bicep curl and you'd like to eventually add on a squat, let your class know that's where they're headed. "The elbows are bending and in a moment we are going to add in a bend in the legs". It's a great way to prepare the mind to connect with the body for what's next! Watch below for an example from Elyssa in our 7/24/18 Barre Now Class

Barre Certification Tip: Advertising can be through words and/or physical demonstration. 

Barre Training Tactic 2: Repeat Yourself 

Extend your leg, extend your leg, EXTEND YOUR LEG! Different clients respond to different ways of expressing the same command. Rather than being redundant, describe "extend" differently: lengthen, keep the knee straight, stretch behind the knee, squeeze the top of your thigh and so on. All of those commands mean the same thing but resonate differently with each client. Watch this example below from our 11/21/17 Barre Now Class to hear how Stephanie repeats the command "full range lunge" without sounding redundant. 

Barre Certification Tip: Never think the clients "don't understand" what you're saying. Instead think, how can I be saying this differently to get my clients where they need to be. 

Barre Training Tactic 3: Forget the Number One

While reviewing our barre certification test out videos, we notice new and experienced barre instructors saying the number one when counting down "4, 3, 2, 1".  Everyone knows that after 2 comes 1, rather than stating the obvious, use this as a time to cue your class on their next move or body position: "4,3,2 hold it low" or "4,3,2, we pulse". Watch Elyssa in our 4/10/18 Barre Now Class for a great example. 

Barre Certification Tip: Match your verbal cuing to the beat of the music; especially when replacing "1" with an action. Hear our beat cuing example here 

Barre Training Tactic 4: Keep Moving 

Barre Intensity classes are quick paced, and while proper form is important, our first order of command is to set up and get moving! Barre Intensity isn't CrossFit; one or two imperfect reps won't throw out your back. Don't wait for everyone in class to get into position before you start moving; they'll catch up with you eventually. Watch Stephanie in our 3/13/2018 Barre Now Class to see an example.

Barre Certification Tip: Practice your cuing hierarchy: the order of importance on what to say and when to say it to keep class moving, but also safe and effective.  

Barre Training Tactic 5: Avoid Fillers 

 There's a time to be descriptive and there's a time to be direct. During your set up or transition we call for the direct approach.  Avoid the verbal fillers such as "let's move on to a squat" or "now we're going to start bending the legs". Instead use a direct ACTION "bend the legs", "lift the heels" or "press your palms". Watch Stephanie in our 2/6/18 Barre Now Class to see an example of how to do this. 

Barre Certification Tip: Use five commands or less to get you where you need to go.

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