Barre Intensity Difference: Trained vs. Certified

You've completed a Barre Intensity training over the weekend in person or online, but are you certified? Over the last year we've been asked quite often, will I be certified after this training? We're here to explain the difference between trained and certified and why we believe in the two.


Our defintion of trained in Barre Intensity means you’ve completed a workshop with us whether live or online.

As with any new skill or subject, you must give your self enough time to grow into your new role or technique. No one trainee leaves any of our workshops with a barre certification in hand; you leave trained with a certificate of completion. It is the hours of practice, some need more and some need less, after your time with us that takes you from just knowing the information to growing into a great barre instructor. A good barre instructor doesn’t happen in a day, it happens over time with effort and practice.

But can you teach our technique if you’re just trained? Sure! You can use our name and even list it on your group fitness schedule as such. What do you mean I can teach it if I’m trained but not certified? Well, we don’t govern who can or can not teach our technique at studios and fitness centers across the world. As long as you’re trained you can list your class as Barre Intensity on your schedule. Every barre studio has it’s own rules and policies when it comes to hiring an instructor post-learning a new technique.

Practice makes perfect.


Our definition of certified in Barre Intensity means you’ve submitted a video of yourself teaching a Barre Intensity class and passed our test-out requirements.

Following our barre instructor training, an average of 30 practice hours is recommended. This number is just an average and while some require fewer hours, some require more. It is suggested the 30 hours be broken down into 10 hours of participation (taking Barre Intensity or similar style classes), 10 hours of observation (watching a class in action and actively taking notes) and 10 hours of practice teaching.

As we explained previously, just because you’ve learned something new doesn’t qualify you to present it correctly, efficiently and effortlessly. Applying a new skill or technique takes time and practice. We want to see your practice and progress in person before we give you a certification in it.

We provide two different video test out options based on your prior barre training experience ranging from $25 - $90. Those that receive a passing score will be then be certified in our technique and listed on our website as such.