Obliques with a "Twist"

Inner thighs and pelvic floor play an important role when strengthening the core. This is why we love incorporating inner thigh work with our abdominals. Check out this series of moves that will keep your ab section flowing and muslces burning.


-    Round Back Torso Twist
-    Side Lying Leg Lifts
-    Side Forearm Plank

Target: Obliques and Inner Thighs 


Round Back Torso Twist

Start in a round back "C-Curve" seated position. Hands in prayer. Extend the left leg long and engage the inner thighs to keep the knees/thighs connected. Twist the torso to the right, away from the lifted leg. Maintain square hips and parallel legs on the rotation. Focus on spinal rotation to twist the torso. Return torso back to center.  

Do ten twists on a double count and ten on a single count. On the last rep, hold the torso twist....

Side Lying Leg Lifts

Place the right forearm down and left hand on hip. Rotate on to the right hip and straighten right leg to meet the left. Ensure the hips remain stacked, shoulders under the ears, and both sides of the obliques engaged. Lift and lower legs simultaneously; using the inner thighs to keep the legs together.

Do ten on a double count and ten on a single count. On last rep place legs down to the floor...

Side Forearm Plank

Lift hips and extend top arm up. Hips and shoulders remain stacked. Lower and lift hips (always keeping bottom hip elevated).

Do ten single count hip lower and lifts and ten hip pulses up...

Place bottom hip on the ground and return seated in round back. Repeat combination on the other side.