Suck It In

Ok, so we've probably never cued our clients to "suck it in" (and if you have we strongly suggest you keep reading and use some alternatives) but how many times have we said "navel to spine" or "tighten your core?"

Core engagement is a principal component in all exercises. When engaged properly we not only strengthen, but also flatten those abdominals. And let's be honest, when's the last time we've heard our clients say "no thanks, my abs are flat enough?"

As instructors, it is our duty to remind our clients to "suck it in" as often as possible. Rather than being a broken record, or inappropriate, try these alternative cues in your next class. 

• Cinch through your waist

• Knit your rib cage shut

• Fuse your ribcage together

• Tighten your imaginary corset/belt

• Hollowing/scooping out the abdominals

• Draw abdominals in to the mid-line

• Slide your navel under the base of the ribs

• Pull the waistline towards the low back  

Have cues of your own that you've found successful? Comment and let us know!