We're Not the Best

The Barre Intensity method aims to sculpt your whole body and burn calories while you work. We teach with alignment in mind and our instructors strive to create an energetic environment that keeps participants motivated to push harder. We proudly share the Barre Intensity method because we know it works.

We’re not the best fitness program out there.

Being the best would mean that Barre Intensity is a technique and format that benefits every person in the world. We know that performing our technique and only our technique five times a week for as long as a person is able would result in an inadequate total fitness plan. Appropriately, we support cross training and believe: "so long as you execute fitness techniques with purpose and safety in mind, an array of programs is essential to success." 

You’ll never hear us say, “Barre Intensity is the best type of fitness out there” or “we don’t believe in anything other than our technique”. The benefits in cross training are just too real: 

  • Reduced risk of injury 
  • Enhanced weight loss 
  • Increase in overall physical fitness 
  • Greater probability of a long term commitment to exercise

So, go on your run to strengthen your lungs, participate in CrossFit and feel the team atmosphere, ride your indoor cycling bike for a low impact calorie burn, practice yoga to increase flexibility, and sign yourself up for barre (we hope it’s Barre Intensity) to lose inches and tone your body. 

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