Sara Rosa

Jazz, tap, ballet and competitive dance were the norm for a decade and a half until Sara enrolled at San Jose State to continue her passion of the performing arts. While in school, at the young age of 19, she was teaching at a dance studio where she practiced and ultimately, ended up managing the space.  From there she found that she could lead and handle a great deal more than she expected.  Not long after, Sara married and became a mom of 2 wonderful boys.  As time often does, it escaped Sara and she had departed from dance and the discipline for about 8 years.  That was when she found barre.

“Barre is really easy on the body.  After dancing for years I had ankle injuries, I had knee injuries, I had hip injuries… all my joints hurt!  Barre is something I can do everyday.  I’m not completely exhausted when it’s over but I truly feel like its working.”

Because of barre’s ability to help connect a very diverse demographic, Sara was not only able to get back into the workout swing, but found a passion to teach and lead once again.  Her passionate return to dance proved to be a shining example what barre can spark inside all who want to explore it.