Amber Bilak

A student of tap and ballet at a young age, Amber has been active since she could walk.  As far as sports are concerned, she’s done more than most!  When she wasn’t on a soccer field Amber was on the slopes.  When she was skiing down a mountain, she was climbing up one!  Activity and the outdoors were central themes in Amber’s life. 

“How could I climb more, How could I ski more?” Amber notes.  That climbing led to even greater heights for her.  “I am an aerialist and I do aerial dance.  I love it, and I started doing it because, well, you don’t extra points in rock climbing for being graceful.” She says with a smile.  Now I would like to add to the story that she’s a performer in Cirque du Soleil…. but that would actually be less interesting than what her journey has truly been about.  Amber’s heart, as you will find out when you meet her, is made of gold.  She headed to Africa for 2 years where she was in the Peace Corps, she has done extensive research in cancer labs and that’s just the beginning.  She has a PhD and is the mom of a beautiful baby Junie.

After years of doing very high impact sports and sustaining injuries, Amber needed to find something that helped to continue her along her fitness journey but was gentler on her body.  That search unearthed barre workouts and allowed Amber to truly appreciate the value of working tiny muscles.  “It feels so good to be balanced.  It feels amazing when you are aligned.  That’s one thing that drew me to barre.  When I start activating those smaller muscles to fatigue it felt great because I have imbalances that I have gained through high impact sports.”

Amber is someone who can work with multiple levels in a class - someone who challenges multiple levels but keeps things safe and most importantly fun.  She keeps things light and reminds everyone that this isn’t life or death… just keeping it light and wonderful is what I will be about. 

“I am good at offering modifications, because I have been injured and know what those modifications mean.  You can’t know someone else’s body but you can help to get them to make the most out of their workout.”