Jacquelyn Hollenkamp

Jacquelyn, or Jackie, is a Northern California transplant that grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. Jackie moved to the Bay Area in 2014 to expand her horizons and explore beautiful Northern California. Jacquelyn first found a love for movement when she was five years old in dance class, and danced for 15+ years growing up. She is trained in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop and pom, and coached/ choreographed for numerous dance teams for 5 years. Also an avid yogi, Jacquelyn came across barre as a complement to her yoga practice and fell in love with the structure and musicality of barre, and how the workout made her body feel. Jacquelyn is passionate and committed to a healthy life and mind-body wellness, and also does work consulting and educating women about nutrition and lifestyle medicine. Jacquelyn currently teaches at Labarre studios in San Jose, California.