Gretchen Bierbaum

Gretchen has been a group fitness enthusiast since high school, when she took up step aerobics to stay active instead of joining a sports team.  Through kickboxing, yoga, pilates, calisthenics, ballet, the Method, and cardio dancing, Gretchen honed a mindful and articulate connection to her physical self.  She grew to love exercise for the sake of exercise and realized that a group setting helps push past mental and physical road blocks.   She wholeheartedly believes in the power of breathing and sweating and working together. If Gretchen had one regret, it would be that she didn’t find barre sooner.  Reshaping isometrically in exercises that demand mental and physical fortitude has changed the way Gretchen feels in and about her body.  In an effort to spread barre body pride, entrepreneur Gretchen left her first successful business to open Straightline Dance Fitness. Gretchen was drawn to Barre Intensity's creative and effective layered choreography and its commitment to challenging the heart and the muscles. She looks forward to creating well-informed barrevangelists through Barre Intensity’s intelligent and thorough training program.