Mackenzie Stevens

Mackenzie grew up taking dance from ages 5 to 11. When she got older she took an interest in team sports ranging from basketball, soccer and track. Once in college she started taking Body Pump and doing yoga religiously. Which led her to getting her certification in yoga. Mackenzie has always been in love with physical activity and loves to help people achieve their goals. While living in Charlotte, NC she took up an interest in barre and grew to love the classes. After moving back to Charleston, WV, she started following her passion into barre. She got her first certification in 2017 with BarreFlex at FlexYoga in Wooster, OH. She began to teach shortly after at local studios/gyms. In July 2018 she received her Air aerial fitness certification and was introduced to Barre Intensity. Barre Intensity immediately became her favorite go to for new barre sequences. That following November she took the leap of becoming officially training in the Barre Intensity technique. She is now teaching Barre Intensity classes in Charleston, WV and expanding the word of the brand's amazing classes. If you’re ever in town, look her up for a fun, energetic class!