Christina Lemaire

Christina is a lover of fitness and her roots run deep in dance. She started Barre classes in the Spring of 2017 and fell in love with the impressive elements of strength training and cardio within each class. It brought back her passion for dance and sparked a desire to become an instructor. With a love for people and community Christina hopes to bring the same energy of inspiration and encouragement she received to all who come to take her classes! She knows strength comes from within and can’t wait to help those around her feel strong from the inside out!

This past January she had the opportunity to participate in a Barre Intensity Training. She quickly realized how much she loved the format. With a passion for instructing she knew this level of connection between mind and body was exactly what she needed to push her forward to a new level of teaching. Every season has growth and she is eagerly looking forward to all she will achieve in her lifelong fitness journey.