Gabriella Clark

Gabriella (Gabbi) immediately fell in love with the cardio barre workout when she was first introduced to it in 2016. Gabriella has always lived an active lifestyle and danced throughout her childhood and competitively as apart of her high school dance team. She took a break from dancing regularly while attending the University of California Davis where she graduated with a BS in Biological Sciences - Molecular and Cellular Biology. During her time at UC Davis she did have the pleasure to take ballet as part of an elective courses where she thoroughly enjoyed the workout at the barre . In 2017 Gabriella began working front desk at a barre studio and loved the positive energy and family atmosphere. Although Gabriella has been enjoying building her career as a scientist and supervisor in the pharmaceutical industry, she has been interested in furthering her knowledge in something she is passionate about, BARRE! She was thrilled for the opportunity to participate in the Barre Intensity training! She loves the format and intense workout it provides and is so excited to be able to assist her community in their health and fitness journey.