Elizabeth Cano

Liz is a self-proclaimed Barre addict! It took one Barre class to stir her into the fitness instructor world. As a kid, Liz was always involved in physical activities. She took ballet, tap dancing, gymnastics and swim for several years which then lead to several more years of Kung Fu karate. In 2010 she took up a personal yoga practice, and became a self taught yogi. Movement has always been a big part of her life, and something about Barre touched her heart in just the right way. In 2018, she decided to quit her stressful office job to pursue teaching and instructing. January 2019, she attained her yoga teacher certificate and has been put all her focus in helping others feel good in their body. In January of 2019 Liz completed her training in Barre. In July of 2019 Liz received her certification with Barre Intensity.