Jenny Blumenthal

Jenny has been a fitness enthusiast ever since she was a little girl. After trying out many different types of formats, she took her first Pilates class in 2009 and absolutely loved it. She practiced Pilates several times a week for many years until deciding to become an instructor in January 2018. She completed 6 months of training through Pilates Monterey and is now certified to teach. While studying to become a Pilates teacher, she discovered Barre for the first time and realized it was similar to Pilates in many ways, but also a unique way of challenging her physically. She knew from the very first class that she would enjoy this type of challenge as much as she enjoyed Pilates. After reading extensively on her own, continuing to attend local Barre classes and completing a workshop through Barre Intensity, Jenny obtained her certificate in August 2019. She is also certified to teach group fitness though the American Council on Exercise (ACE).