Adrienne Wilson

After reaching my goal of becoming a registered nurse in 2007, I realized I needed to care for myself as much as my patients. I decided to embrace fitness and a healthy, active lifestyle. I quickly noticed a positive change in my energy level, mood, confidence, and appearance after joining a gym. Group fitness class quickly became the best part of my day! I formed close friendships with other members at the gym as well as my fitness mentors. As my confidence level and skills grew, my fitness mentors encouraged me to instruct. It was one of the best decisions I have made! I'm currently ACE certified, BARRE INTENSITY certified, teach cardio dance and am in the process of completing my Yoga certification. My goal for the classes I teach is to foster confidence in my participants, make them feel successful, encourage them to be authentic to who they are, connect with their body, and love their bodies. I want them to feel in control and powerful while they are in class, they own the room! My passion for fitness has a lot to do with the inspiration I get from my participants and the growth I see in their fitness journey. It is truly humbling and rewarding. I have a lot of extra energy and I spend it on hobbies like growing orchids, sewing, and gardening. Outside of the gym I stay active playing and walking with my ornery Irish Wolfhound mix-Gus, hiking with my husband, and trying new things to keep me active.