Celeste Garcia

Celeste is an Argentine native with a love for movement and holistic wellness.

Growing up in Miami, she became a personal trainer shortly out of high school while working with alternative medicine and sports nutrition. Some of her experience as a dancer includes: Ballet Etudes Co. of South Florida, FIU’s Golden Dazzlers Dance Team, NHL’s Florida Panthers Ice Dancers, IMPULSIK’s Contemporary Dance Company and Broadway Dance Center in New York City.

After receiving a double Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and International Relations from FIU, Celeste realized she could not continue working in the corporate and government fields as planned and left everything to live a life of health & wellness. Upon moving to New York City she obtained a Master’s Degree in Holistic Sports Nutrition while training to further her experience with movement and fitness. 
It wasn't long before she fell in love with barre & pilates because of the challenge it represented and the impact it had on her body. Celeste is now a master trainer for Barre Intensity, certified yoga instructor and as a holistic health practitioner.

She loves to incorporate mind-body awareness in her class while challenging her clients to push past their limits. She is very excited to be a part of the Barre Intensity team and hopes to see you soon at the next training!