Jami Bauer-Lorcricchio

A longtime health and fitness enthusiast, Jami has been studying and teaching Pilates since 2002. Jami spent the first eight years of her career, as a valued Pilates instructor at several studios in the Palm Beach, Florida area. She has worked with healthy bodies as well as with clients who suffered from chronic conditions and injuries. In late 2006, she took her first Barre class from a fellow Pilates Instructor and was hooked! That was at Pulse Pilates Studio, in Boca Raton, Florida where she was the Studio Director, Master Instructor and Educator. In early 2007 she began teaching Barre at Pulse Pilates and was certified in what was at the time an up and coming Barre method.  Jami is also certified through All-American Pilates and Pulse Pilates.  She also has received extensive training through Power Pilates and has attended numerous workshops led by top Pilates trainers in the industry. 

Her approach to teaching is incorporating the Pilates philosophy of control movements from the core.  She strives to help every client work at a level that challenges them. She also encourages those that work with her to take what they learn in class and use it in their daily lives. Her clients are always telling her "you are in my head! abs in and up!!"  

In the Fall of 2009, Jami relocated to southeast Michigan. In the spring of 2010 after the birth of her second daughter, she resumed teaching Barre and Pilates in Downtown Rochester. In 2018, after following Barre Intensity for sometime, she decided to complete a career goal she had put on hold for a number of years, to become a Master Trainer. She wanted to share her passion and knowledge of facilitating quality Barre classes with new and experienced instructors.  Barre Intensity was the perfect fit as their philosophy and delivery of a great Barre workout matched that of Jami's. 

Today you can find Jami serving up an awesome Barre workout and training clients in the Rochester and Romeo areas. When she isn’t teaching and helping others with their goals of living healthy lives, she spends time with her husband and two daughters and their family cat.

Jami looks forward to helping you achieve your teaching goals and become the best Barretender you can be!