Natalie Carrozza

Natalie is a lifelong fitness and dance enthusiast whose passion for barre began when she tried a class on a whim many years ago. Not long after, Natalie realized she had found her true fitness niche and she began the process of becoming a certified barre instructor.  Her favorite part of instructing is building relationships with her clients while helping them meet their fitness goals. After teaching barre for three years, she continued her fitness journey by becoming a Beachbody Piyo instructor and receiving her Group Exercise Certification through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America.  Natalie’s barre experience has included residency for multiple years at three local studios, as well as teaching barre workshops at a large gym and health club.

Natalie’s passion for instruction does not end at the barre. As a former Kindergarten teacher and certified Reading Specialist, Natalie works in a local school district as a instructional coach. She currently lives in southern New Jersey (outside of Philadelphia) with her husband Ryan and daughter Stella.