Barre Studio Spotlight: CORE Studio

Last month we had the pleasure of conducting our barre instructor training & certification at CORE Studio in Daphne, Alabama.  We were graciously welcomed and hosted by Lindsay Rainey, Founder of CORE Studio, and are beyond proud to have the Barre Intensity technique taught on CORE's class schedule. See what lead Lindsay down the path of becoming a fitness studio owner, why she chose the Barre Intensity technique and what she looks for when hiring fitness instructors. 

What lead you down the path of becoming a studio owner? 

I never thought that I could be an entrepreneur as I was happy living a life of a 50 hour workweek in sales. Then I started to practice yoga, let go of the attachment to the full time career and found myself wanting to teach more while working full time in sales. I had enough of doing both, and when my husband and I quit our jobs to sail off to the Caribbean I knew I wanted to own a studio down there. But when we started looking at barriers to entry and finances, we decided to come back to our home area and open up a studio in Daphne, AL.

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You come from a yoga background. Why choose to offer barre at your studio as well?

I think there should be balance in life and fitness. I was an avid yoga practionner and always enjoyed barre classes as well, I just couldn't afford to practice and pay for classes at  two separate studios. This is why my business model offers the same amount of yoga and barre classes all under one roof. 

What was it that made you select offering the Barre Intensity barre format in particular? 

I really didn't know much about barre before opening so I just started researching all sorts of various barre methods. My only barre class experience had been at a nearby studio but I never felt like I truly left their classes on an endorphin high. A studio in Alabama that I followed on Instagram hosted a Barre Intensity barre certification and they teach the Barre Intensity style. I instantly fell in love with what I saw. I connected with a barre instructor in my area (Kelly) and asked her to check out the Barre Intensity method. She said it looked like the most intense barre method that she had heard of so we went with it and never looked back! 

As a studio owner, what qualities do you look for in your instructors?

I look for reliability, a great personality, and a motivator. Being authentic is also important and you don't have to be the best at something to be a great instructor, just an openness to learn and be willing to help others.

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What is your vision for Core Studio? 

My vision is to continue to build a community of followers where the clients and instructors build relationships with each other. We use the hashtag #COREmmunity. The mission at CORE is to come for a workout that synergistically links your mind and body while increasing strength, flexibility, and mobility. I hope to expand locations as we grow our community one client at a time!

We wish Lindsay and the team at CORE continued success and are looking forward to great things ahead. If you're in the Daphne, AL area, stop in for a class!