Online Barre Certification: Instructor Testimonial

Wondering if our Barre Intensity Online Barre Certification program is all we're cracking it up to be? Recently Ellen Baker from Colorado not only completed the Barre Intensity Online Training program, but passed her video test out making her an official Barre Intensity certified instructor. We were so impressed with Ellen's barre teaching skills, we decided to ask her a few questions about her online barre instructor training experience. 

What was your experience with the Barre Intensity Online Instructor Training & Certification program

I found out about the Barre Intensity Online Instructor program through an email forwarded to me by our studio owner.  Because I live in a relatively remote location just outside of Aspen, CO, the online format was very appealing to me.  To take a training in Denver, which is three hours away, I would have to add the time and cost of transportation, plus lodging and meals (not to mention the cost of the training!).  When I added that up and compared it to the Barre Intensity program, the Barre Intensity Online Instructor program was an awesome deal!

I was immediately impressed with the content of the manual, and the corresponding online content.  If I had a question after reading the manual ("how does that move really look when the body is moving?"), I could go back to that specific part of the online content to see the demonstration.  I also used the 55-minute Barre Now videos both for my own practice and for observation.  I'm still working on transitions and love that I can see how different instructors tackle this part of a class.  

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What was your "study" plan? Did you set aside a weekend to watch and learn the material or did you carve out a few hours a week? 

I went through the material for about an hour each night before bed. One thing that really helped me was picking a section or two at a time (warm-up, thighs, glutes, etc.) and preparing it as if I was going to present it to a class. Sometimes my "class" was my one-year-old, sometimes it was my couch, but I did everything I could to make it feel like I was teaching that section down to timing it for length and choosing the music. By-the-way, young children are a very accepting audience for your practice!

Did you do an online fitness training/certification prior to Barre Intensity? If so, how did the two compare?

I have never done an online fitness training/certification before, although I have done programs requiring some online work before the in-person workshop.  Barre Intensity was my first fully-online program and it definitely set the bar(re) high!

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Name your biggest "pro" to the barre online training program as well as the biggest "con"

The biggest pro was being able to work on the program at my own pace.  I was worried that the biggest con would be not having someone to answer questions, but this actually turned out to be a pro too!  If I had a question, it was either already covered on the discussion board, or posted in the FaceBook group.  The instructors were also responsive and quick to problem solve technical issues for me.  I felt supported in my learning, which made me more comfortable using self-discovery to investigate some of the the principles of Barre Intensity such as round back vs. flat back exercises, and rib cage positioning.  I felt like if I ever got stuck, I could always email the instructors for clarification and they would be happy to help me understand the concept.

How is the Barre Intensity technique received by your clients?

My clients LOVE it!!!  They appreciate that their heart rate elevates throughout class and that they work up a sweat.  I've had a few clients who have foot issues tell me that they feel more comfortable in Barre Intensity because there isn't so much pressure to stay in a heels-lifted (relevé) position.  It is certainly an option in Barre Intensity, but performing the exercises with solid footing can be just as challenging.  My clients also tell me that the pace of the class makes the 55 minutes fly by.  It's been a huge hit so far!