Ellen Baker

 Ellen is an avid music lover, former professional musician, road cyclist, and skier.  For the past eight years she has made her home in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, enjoying a career as a speech-language pathologist.  After her second child, Ellen turned to group exercise classes because they made her feel empowered within her body and confident within her mind.  Prompted by her personal experience with exercise as a means to transform the self, she began to take on the role as instructor for group exercise classes.  She was guided and mentored by strong women throughout her journey to becoming an instructor.  Now, as a certified Barre Intensity Instructor and spinning instructor, she seeks to help other women and men on their fitness journeys. She believes in the power of music to inspire, perspire, and transform the self.  Her classes place an emphasis on proper form and alignment to produce functional power, and to allow the body to build strength and stamina without injury.