Anthea Beckles

In her prior life, Anthea was a headhunter for decades, owning an executive search firm on Wall Street in New York City.  She worked fast and she was nimble, making massive decisions for her company and clients.  Her move out west allowed her to slow life down and focus on her mind, body and spirit. Shortly after moving to Cali, however, she was in a horrific car accident. 

“I had very horrible injuries” Anthea recounts. “I took yoga to replace physical therapy and I was preparing to face surgery but instead, I tried hot yoga and simply did so for the heat.  I just would lay there and enjoy the heat and didn’t care if people were staring.  It made me feel better and eventually I began to do poses and get more involved.”

Anthea became so involved that her love for yoga escalated into becoming certified in multiple disciplines of it.  This changed her life and thus, her wellness journey had begun.  “I experienced a clearer mind, I had weight loss of 30 pounds and I felt great.”

As she continued on her journey, barre was the next milestone.

If you peek in on one of her classes you will likely hear neo-soul, pop, house, oldies and even some rock & roll.  You may hear her and the students singing to the music and having lots of laughs!  Anthea loves to make her classes entertaining, but don't misconstrue the fun as a way to escape getting a hard workout in! She is determined to help her students sculpt their bodies and transform so prep yourselves for a serious workout!