Erika DeClerck

Born in Peru and raised in Ecuador, Erika DeClerck moved to the United States to attend college.  This mom of 4 has always been active - whether it was being a gymnast or a track and field runner from a young age to running marathons, Erika has put a lot of stress on her body as she continues to work hard to be in tip-top shape. That wear and tear caught up to Erika, though, and her injuries led to the need for several knee surgeries.  When the surgeries mounted and she was told she may need shoulder surgery, she looked at other options.  Hot yoga became one of those options for her to alleviate the pain and it proved to be incredibly therapeutic.  It turned out that it was just the thing she needed.  After 9 months of doing hot yoga, Erika found that the need for surgery was not there anymore as her pain subsided.  Her fitness journey, like a great marathon runner, would break through the wall and she began to actively explore more of what this type of therapy had to offer. After her last pregnancy, Erika explored barre as an option and in 6 months time she lost all of her gained weight. Barre (along with yoga) would then become a staple in her workout so much so that she decided to actively pursue an opportunity to become certified in Barre Intensity and teach others.