Get To Know Your Barre Master Trainer - Betsy Strope

When you walk into a room with Betsy Strope, you immediately feel her excitement, passion and strength. This Lincoln Nebraska native travels the country educating current and future fitness instructors on the Barre Intensity technique and we're proud to have her a part of the team. Get to know your barre Master Trainer, then host a training of your own with Betsy leading the way. 

What is your background in the fitness industry?

I've been working in the fitness industry for almost 6 years, but have been active my entire life.  I was a competitive dancer growing up, which lead to me earning a place on the University of Nebraska Scarlet dance team.  Shortly there after I started running half marathons with my fiancé turned husband and we have completed at least 7 side by side.  I first started teaching group fitness in 2012 and have never looked back.  On top of my Barre Intensity work I am a certified personal trainer, cycling instructor, as well as have qualifications in TRX and sports nutrition.  

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What is your favorite part about being a Barre Intensity Master Trainer? 

My clients and trainees are by far my favorite thing about being a Barre Intensity Master Trainer.  Their desire to learn, grow, and push themselves keeps me on my toes and in turn challenges me to make each and every class and training session better than the last.  Coming in as a close second would be the opportunity Barre Intensity gives me to be creative in regard to movement and music.  I love the way the world around us can melt away with through motion and song. 

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Where do you pull your fitness inspiration from?

Anywhere and everywhere.  I don't feel we can ever stop learning.  I read fitness magazines, I google, I take continuing education, I step out of my comfort zone, and above all, I travel.  I will take any chance I can to try a new class in a new city in any form of fitness - new or old.  One of my favorite mantras is; If not now, when?

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If you could become a "Master" at another type of fitness or mind body discipline, what would it be? 

I would choose yoga.  The calm, positivity, peace, happiness, inner strength and love that yoga instructors exude is amazing to me.  I use yoga as my therapy and could only wish to inspire as my yoga teachers have me.

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What's the one thing you'd like people to know about being a barre fitness instructor? 

You inspire ME!  Each and every smile, drop of sweat, lift, squeeze or tuck (even eye roll) is inspiring me to be a better leader.