Get To Know Your Barre Master Trainer - Jinger Parson

Jinger Parson is truly a master. Her ability to captivate an audience with her energy, knowledge and passion for fitness is one of a kind. While in her presence, all feel welcomed and although meeting for the first time, it's as if you've known her for years.  We're proud to have this Scottsdale, Arizona resident a part of our team and share a bit more on what makes Jinger tick. 

What Is Your Background In The Fitness Industry? 

I was always an active kid, I started dance lessons at 4 years old and never looked back! I have always been involved in dance, cheerleading and competitive sports like volleyball and cycling – so teaching fitness was a no brainer for me!  I have taught and/or certified in everything from “Aerobics” to Zumba! Currently, I teach Private and Group Pilates as well as Barre and Cycling.  Just recently I have added SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) to my schedule!  It’s my new obsession! Using the same fundamental skills that we use in Barre and Pilates, but doing it on a Paddle Board in the pool—heaven for a girl who lives in the Desert!

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What Is Your Favorite Part About Being A Barre Intensity Master Trainer? 

My favorite part of being a Barre Intensity Master Trainer is that moment when you see the light go on in a student’s eyes – that moment when they make the connection of mind, body and spirit!

What's The One Thing You'd Like People to Know About Being a Barre Fitness Instructor?

I think the one thing I would most like to tell people about being a Barre Fitness Instructor is that you can be confident that the material you are teaching is the most comprehensive Barre information in the Industry.  This Barre Intensity program is designed to give you all the tools you need to be the best at your craft.

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If You Could Become A "Master" At Another Type Of Fitness Or Mind Body Discipline, What Would It Be?

If I could “Master” another type of fitness I can honestly say it would be meditation.  The art of being still is such a big part of your fitness experience.  In order to find balance you need the full spectrum, and the practice of training your body and mind to be still and re-charge and re-connect is just as important as the cardio movement and muscle training component.

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Where Do You Pull Your Fitness Inspiration? 

I find inspiration in my class everyday! The Men and Women in my classes are made up of all walks of life, ages and fitness level.  Watching them train and transform not only their bodies but their minds is truly amazing.  The fact that they “show up and put up” despite whatever obstacle they may be facing is a true testament to the human spirit, and I am humbled to be a witness to that.