What Is Barre Now? - A Training & Teaching Instructor Resource

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook (@barreintensity) you've seen our countless clips of barre choreography and references to "more on Barre Now".  What exactly is Barre Now? In short, Barre Now is a barre online video resource site for barre instructors in training and those already actively teaching barre. Our members have found the content invaluable, which is why we're breaking it down for you here. 

If you’re a Barre Intensity trainee, you’ll get some of our Barre Now content for FREE. Interested in exactly what you get? Read about it in one of our blog posts.

7 Day FREE Trial 

Try us out for seven days free! You will have to enter your credit card information and select a membership option that will take into effect following your seven day trial; however, you can cancel anytime during your trial period to ensure you are not charged while still having access to the content through the end of your seven days. 

Member Pricing Options 

Barre Now offers three pricing options for our members: 

  • Month to Month for $9.99/month

  • One Year for $89.99 ($7.50/month)

Memberships are auto renewal unless cancelled prior to the next billing date.

Members receive unlimited access to our "Classes & Clips" videos. "Certification/Workshops" are separate purchases. More on that below. 

Barre Video Viewing Options 

Upon entering our barre video support site you will see two main categories: 

  • Certification/Workshops: These are individual purchases outside our monthly membership. Here you’ll find our online instructor training program, anatomy workshop, prop choreography workshops and more!

  • Class & Clips: Every three weeks we upload one new 55-minute Barre Intensity class complete with the choreography notes and link to the Spotify playlist. Use this as a practice tool or choreography inspiration! In addition, you’ll find a handful of shorter clips to help our recent barre instructor trainees. Recaps on our alignment principles, transitions and flow tips and shortened class sections are found here.