Become a Barre Instructor: 10 signs you have what it takes.

If you're a group fitness instructor, dancer or barre enthusiast, you might have thought a time or two “I wonder if I can become a barre instructor”? If the thought has crossed your mind more than once, the answer is probably yes, you can do it. If you're looking for a bit more assurance than just taking our word for it, read our 10 signs you have what it takes. 

If at least three signs are in your favor, take the next step and register for one our scheduled barre certifications. Can't make it to an in person barre instructor training? Check out our online barre certification. 


When you hear the word "barre", you are not thinking the pub down the street 

Not only do you know the word barre pertains to group fitness, but you can “tuck” on command and “embrace the shake”.  If you had it your way you’d be taking a barre class daily. 


You believe in reinventing yourself

You find joy in learning new skills and improving old ones. There are no risks when it comes to investing in you or your barre class certification. 


You cannot help but tap to the beat of the music

Rock n’ Roll, Country, R & B, Hip Hop, House… if it has a beat you’ll find it. Music fuels your movement. Speaking of music, follow @barreintensity on Spotify for access to all our greatest barre class playlists. 


You were not on Broadway, but you still love to dance

Your ballet career might have peaked at the age of 5 but you can still point your toe, kick your leg, and move your hips.  You pride yourself on being able to lead a group at the Cha-Cha Slide.


You Are not afraid to sweat

To you, sweat is not just your body’s way of sparkling, its affirmation that you are creating change within yourself. Good things come to those who sweat.  


You thrive in a group setting

Your confidence soars and your energy rises in a room of ten or more. You live by the motto “the more the merrier”.  Becoming a barre instructor is just another way for you to be with more people. 


Health and fitness ARE priorities

When faced with a strawberry shake or green smoothie, you’ll always choose the green smoothie. Eating healthy and staying active isn’t a chore; it’s necessary for a clear head. 


You are disciplined

Nothing worth having comes easy and that’s just the way you like it. You understand that in order to be great you must take yourself out of your comfort zone and put in the time to practice. 


You are good with words

Not only can you clearly and succinctly describe what you want but you can encourage and motivate as well.


There is a drawer in your dresser dedicated to leggings

Yes, leggings are pants. You wear them to workout, to run errands and sometimes to bed. Your wish list always includes a lululemon gift card.


Are you ready to become a barre instructor? Check out our Barre Intensity Training Schedule or learn right from home with our online barre certification program.