Themed Classes

80's, 90's, Boy Bands, Pop Divas, Holidays. Themed classes provide us instructors an opportunity to teach the same class in a fresh way. But when we want to take our variety to more than just our dress code, playlist and choreography, where do we turn? 


We center our class around a particular muscle or group of muscles and make it our theme.  

No, we're not saying do an hour of squats, dead lifts and hip lifts. That would be the opposite of variety and more than likely not following the class format; not Barre Intensity's format at least. 

If you want to focus on your glutes you can however squat in your warm up, do tricep extensions with a back leg kick, plank with a single leg lift, and chair with a hinge forward of the torso emphasizing the weight in the heels. 

No fancy choreography, no playlist of the decades and no neon leotards needed in your next themed class.