Alexa Lindsay

Alexa is a certified Barre Intensity instructor with a background in dance. She has 20 years of dance experience and training which started at Lambert Dance Theatre and continued on through college where she became a director of the Frelon Dance Company at Kalamazoo College. She is currently a full-time student at Michigan State University working towards her MBA with a concentration in marketing. She has a passion for health and fitness and believes exercise benefits both the mind and the body.

She enjoys trying new workouts and fell in love with Barre Intensity after she took her first class 2011. She loves how it connects both Pilates and dance with one workout. The moves challenge you to push yourself while building strong and lean muscles. Teaching Barre Intensity allows her to create challenging, effective workouts to music that inspires and motivates her clients. She is also a big fan of any outdoor activity and traveling.