Cindy Liao

Cindy is a certified Barre Intensity, Body Pump, and Body Combat instructor. She fell in love with group fitness while attending the University of Pennsylvania for her graduate studies. She remembers her first barre class vividly because of the incessant shaking in her legs while on her highest tippy toes. Little did she know that from then on she was addicted to the barre workout and have embraced the shaking ever since.

Cindy loves teaching Barre Intensity because of her passion in fitness and health. She is committed to helping her clients create a body that matches what they are up to in life. Her own experience with the workout has helped her create long and lean muscles. What is most important to Cindy is how safe and effective Barre Intensity is. The positive results have seeped to other aspects of her life building both mental and physical toughness.