Carrie Nazaroff

Carrie is a Barre Intensity instructor by night, and an Assistant Professor for MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine by day. She received her Ph.D. from Wayne State University School of Medicine to fulfill her passion in teaching anatomy and neuroscience to medical students. Her love for music, dance, and fitness were the missing pieces in her life so she started to take Barre Intensity classes and decided to become an instructor.
Carrie enjoys being a Barre Intensity instructor because she gets to provide her clients with more than just a basic workout. With each class she challenges her clients in 4 main areas: strength (physical and mental), flexibility, coordination, and balance. Her graduate studies involving the brain and body highlight the importance of maintaining a strong body-mind connection during each workout. Carrie also enjoys designing each class with her own music and choreography. The Barre Intensity method makes her feel like she is performing with a dance team, making every class fun and exciting.