Nicole Dailey

Nicole is a STOTT certified Pilates and Barre Intensity instructor and co-owner of Pop Primal, a local Michigan company, which sells Paleo baked goods.  She is also a full time student working towards her second bachelor’s degree in Health Science with a concentration in Physical Therapy. Nicole has always had a passion for fitness, health, and the human body her entire life.  She has experience teaching group fitness as well as individual one on one training.  Her ultimate goal is to incorporate physical therapy with all of her clients and in all classes she teaches.  Nicole believes that a safe and effective workout is what everyone deserves.

Nicole loves teaching Barre Intensity because it allows her the freedom to incorporate her own style into her classes. The best part for her is the ability to create her own playlists. Nicole loves all types of music and considers music the heartbeat of life. She says that creating her own playlists for her classes assures that her classes represent who she is and sets the energy for an exciting class.

Before Nicole was an instructor, she was a client who experienced firsthand the results Barre Intensity provides. Nicole has always been a runner and fascinated with fitness and the human body.  After trying all types of exercise to supplement her running, she found Barre Intensity.  Within a few weeks of doing Barre Intensity classes her body began to change and her running improved.  Nicole was stronger, leaner, and felt more energized.   She had never experienced results like the ones she was seeing from taking Barre Intensity classes just two or three times a week.  This is why she loves sharing Barre Intensity with clients!